Fragrance family – citrus mix

Top note – citrus (lime, lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin), ginger, green tea accord

Middle note – woody (copaiba, cedarwood), floral (jasmine, rose)

Base note – musky, ambery


This oil was created especially for homemade reed diffuser (to use with rattan diffuser reeds), for DIY home spray and for electric scent diffuser machines.


Reed Diffuser Manufacturing Instructions:

1. Put your diffuser base in a suitable vessel.

2. Add the fragrance oil and stir until homogeneous.

3. Add water if needed with constant agitation, stir until homogeneous and clear.



The finished product should be stored preferably between 2-4 weeks. The maceration (ripening) process is very important, because non-soluble fragrance particles sediment during this period. Manly natural ingredients, primarily essential oils containing terpenes like lemon-, grapefruit-, lime- or orange oil, can cause insoluble sediments. After the maceration time it is indispensable to filter the product, if possible at 0-+8 degrees, in order to avoid a later turbidity in the cold season.


Application formula for Reed Diffuser:

1. Fragrance oil – 15-20%

Reed diffuser base Scent&More – 80-85%

2. Fragrance oil – 10-15%

DPM Solvent – 85-90%

3. Fragrance oil – 15%

DPM Solvent – 15%

Ethanol – 70%

4. Fragrance oil – 15-20%

Ethanol – 80%

Water – 0-5%

Application formula for Home Spray:

Fragrance oil – 10%

Water – 5%

Ethanol – 85%


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