Aluminium Quite Working Scent Air Machine

Ultra Quite Aroma Dispense system in small or medium space of 100-300 m3. Refillable fragrance oil container. Cold-air diffusion technology.

Work time is adjustable between 10-300 seconds, oil consumption is 0,35-0,75 ml/h.

LCD control panel – display the operation status, time and current fragrance concentration. Flexible settings of working time in every day or every week.  

Fragrance Type – Pure Essential Oil or Fragrance (All our fragrance oils can be used for scent diffusers)

Product Features:

  • 3000 hours’ air pump from Japan, NIDEC
  • 4 groups working time programmable
  • Weekday selectable, 10 levels scent density adjustable
  • 130ml glass oil bottle


Scent diffuser machine adopts cold two-fluid atomization technology, the high-speed collision of cold air hits aroma oil into nanoscale mist, the machine sprays the mist out of the atomizer, the scent flows along through the air.


Suitable for home, office, conference r