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I ... hm always positive, I speak loudly, I live the way I want and I don't care I love perfumes that lift me all day and night, and such would be oil but not greasy but to dry quickly and my skin to be like after milk smooth as always but especially smooth mostly like any good milk only that I use perfume with milk but I wouldn't, so there was a perfume by Naomi Chambel but the uki canceled it as soon as it came new now I'm looking for it on google is out NAOMAGIC otherwise I use Perfume HUGO BOSS DEEP RED, AND THE NEW ARMANI my way intese IS THE FIRST THAT IMMEDIATELY FELL WITH ME BECAUSE I HUGO BOSS DEEP RED AND I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR A LONG TIME SINCE 2000 OF 16 YEARS. SO WHEN I LOVE PERFUME OR MILK OR OIL, ALTHOUGH I LOVE BODY MILK BUT I TRIED THE OIL AND I LIKE IT ON THE SKIN JUST SO I CAN PUT IT ON AND DRY IT IMMEDIATELY UNDERSTAND ME I LOVE CAVALLI PARADISO AZZURO, SERP THAT'S WHY I AM IN THE SENSE OF SMELL ... WILD SOUL, WHEN I GO I DON'T STOP, I LOVE FASCINATION, I LOVE ELEGANT GOODS BUT ALSO SPORTS, SO APPROXIMATELY ACCORDING TO SOME DESCRIPTION, IT'S ME, ALTHOUGH IT'S DIFFICULT TO DESCRIBE ME
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