Do you know that fragrance can be used for commercial or marketing purposes?

By using odour, businesses are able to form emotional connections with consumers, resulting in brand loyalty and encouraging customers to spend more time within retail environments, hotels, offices, or any required space. Scent is used as an element to add ambience to a room.

Scent is the strongest of the five senses tied to memory and emotion. This gives scent marketing the perfect opportunity to attract customers by playing an essential role in transforming perceptions and creating an experience for maximum effect. It helps to explore more opportunities for business and helps to further push the essence of a company’s brand. 


Business Scenting

The importance of scenting is catching on as business owners are tapping into the emotional response scents have on people, and profiting from the power scents have on influencing consumers buying decisions.

Home Decor


Take your home décor beyond the traditional and add a multi-sensory experience. 

Home fragrance will give any room in your house an instant uplift. 

Whether you're fond of bold florals, quiet woods, or more unusual home fragrances, we've got something for everyone!

35% more likely to remember something we smell than any other sense.

75% of all emotions are triggered by our sense of smell.

65% of people were able to recall a scent after one year wheres visual recollection was 50%.

Begin your scenting journey with our easy-to-use Scent Diffuser Machine.

It diffuse seamless fragrance that becomes a natural part of the space.

Scent&More utilizes a new and innovative technology called Cold-Air Diffusion, which breaks down the oils into a dry mist of nanoparticles with the use of cold, filtered air. 

This type of advanced atomization technology is residue free and safe for pets, children and furniture.